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Usefull information if you visit Switzerland

Transport Info

The most usefull site for transport is which actualy shows all the bus and train stops in Switzerland. The site links to the SBB online time table when you place the mouse over one of the bus/train/boat stops and fill in a destination.

(an alternative is the offical web site map, which by comparison is usless, SBB map)

Zurich canton is divides into zones
Google map of Zurich

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Local Transport map of Zurich (Zone10)

Transport Map Diagramatic

There is some usfull information in English on the  site but there is more information in the English version of the ZVV Tickets & Prices paper booklet. Unfortunalty ZVV seems to have stopped publishing this document, I got a 2004 version (prices are out of date).

There is more information on the German site ZVV-German so LearnGerman Realygoodfun itis. !

General Info

Switzerland Info

Switzerland Tourism is the national marketing and sales organization for Switzerland






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Looking For a Flat
For the Property Search its best to look on and then put the house with street number and into the map on Homegate is a bit slow and doesnt show the tram numbers.